What's the Process for Returning a Fake Coach for Refund?

  1. Hi everyone, I'm new to the Forum, and also pretty new to eBay. I received a fake Coach after winning an auction. I know it to be a fake based on all the wonderful tips and information you all have been sharing. Luckily, when I contacted the seller about the refund, she said to return it. She said that she bought a bunch of bags from a reputable Web site and that if I was sure it was a fake, she'd be returning them all. My question is do I return the bag prior to receiving the refund into my PayPal account? How does that whole refund/return process work?

    Thanks SO much for your guidance!
  2. Usually you need to open a PayPal claim, but since this seller is offering to take it back no questions asked, I would go ahead and send it back. Check her feedback first just to make sure she hasn't scammed anyone else out of a refund. Make sure you send it back with delivery confirmation, signature request, and insurance. Track the package, and once she receives it she should process a refund. If not, then you will have to open a PayPal claim.
  3. The only problem I can think of for sending it back without making a claim is if you file it later as a fake, paypal may make you get it authenticated. If you sent the purse back, you won't be able to do that. But I am not 100% sure how that would work.

    Keep all your email communication, especially where she states she will give you a refund. Like she said above, check her fb and see if there is any other complaints about not refunding after promised.

    Good luck.
  4. Thanks for the quick and sage advice!
  5. If you dont file a paypal claim, make sure you get your refund first. You could send it back and never hear from her again. I'd be safe and just file a claim.
  6. This happened to me, only with a pair of fake jeans. The seller promised refund upon receipt of the jeans. Well, seller never gave refund even after I saw it had been delivered thru USPS. I filed a claim with Paypal and told Paypal of the seller's promise. Paypal wanted the confirmation number thru USPS to prove delivery and then I was refunded my money.

    I did pay with a credit card. My only bad experience so far with eBay. I did keep all emails between us.

    Good luck with it!
  7. My advice is to file a significantly not as described through paypal. They will have you send the item to them and then refund you. I assume they then send it to the seller depending on whether they can deduct the refund from their account or not. It's not the nicest friendliest way but you will get your money back.