What's the process for repairing a JC?

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  1. I have a Tulita that needs a little TLC with the hardware (the gold circle hardware on the handles have come off :sad:) My question is, I live about 2 hours from the nearest JC boutique. Do I have to drive there to get it repaired? Or can I call them and send it to them? I want to seem as knowledgeable as I can when I call so I thought I'd get advice from the experts first! :tup: Thanks so much!
  2. Good question. I need the answer as well. I have a bag that needs the gold end reattached to the belt.
    Love your puppies, TTucker.
  3. The best way to find out is to call your closest boutique and ask!
  4. I would call Customer Service at 1800 506 9991 as well. That way you can ask as many questions as you need to. And they should have sufficient references for you if anything. Hope it gets better. :yes:
  5. When you find out, please post back and let us know! :yes:

  6. I agree, I would first call the 800 or email them because I think this is what the boutiques do or at least the one here in Miami when I once went in to find out if I could purchase a chain that I had misplaced for my Tayten, the salewomen took my information & told me she would email customer care as she didn't know, well I waited & never received a call back so I emailed customer care myself , they were very friendly & responded that they would send my FREE of charge a chain :nuts: & a few days later I received it, now this is MORE of a reson to :heart: Choo! Good Luck!