What's the price??

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  1. I want the Mini Sac HL. I was wondering how much it was after the price hike?? and does anyone have it that can take a picture for me?? thanks... I think that this might be my new bag. I absolutely love small bags. I have the papallion 19 mini...and I love it.:love:
  2. I love this bag too! Unfortunately it's no longer on Eluxury in either the Monogram or the MC. Guess you could call a boutique and ask.
  3. I think it was around $320-$340. I bought my couple of years ago when it was still $225, used it many many times until the handles really darkened, and then sold it on eBay few weeks ago for $199! It was the best investment. It's definitly is a cute bag that fits a lot more than you think!
  4. Oops! I apologize. :shame:
  5. I got mine before the price hike. Here are my pictures:

    mini sac 1.JPG

    mini sac 2.JPG

    I've been using it all the time. I love it! It's so cute!! :love:
  6. how much was it before the price hike?
  7. thanks guys
  8. they are sooo cute!! I want one
  9. If I'm not mistaken, the old price was $330. If the new price is $335 it only went up by $5.:biggrin:
  10. I think I paid $330 before the price hike. Sorry, I can't check right now since I'm in the process of moving and I already packaged up everything including my bag receipts. :lol:
  11. Yes, today it reappeared on eluxury. :smile:
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