What's the price of First bag in stores?

  1. I'm new here..and want a first bag badly..I saw one from personalshoppers website, it costs over 1100, may I ask what's the price in stores? Thanks!
  2. for the first i believe its $995.
  3. yes, it's USD995...i got this price list from Bal NY...regards
  4. Personalshoppers, normally mark up their price and they are highly recommended sellers who only sell AUTHENTIC and new items.....:smile:
  5. Thanks, everyone! They have an ink color which I like a lot! What are the colors available in store in 2007? Thanks!
  6. dryad : i'm not sure if below is still up-to-date, For ur reference, or else u can email them at BALSTR001.NewYork@us.balenciaga.com for more details.

    The New Balenciaga Handbag Colors For Spring 2007 have just been released!!
    They are:
    Cafe ( dark coffee brown)
    Truffle (same as Fall 06)
    Grass ( true bright green)
    Vermillion (true bright red)
    Seagreen (a minty, or light jade, green) Marine ( very dark midnight blue) French Blue ( true bright blue, brighter than Fall 06 Blueberry) Natural ( similar to Fall 06 Cement, but with more beige)
    Collection Colors:
    Periwinkle (light smoky blue, grey, purple a true periwinkle blue) Anthracite (very dark grey, almost black, with an undertone of green) Toffee ( beigy toffee medium brown) Aquamarine ( similar to Fall 06 Blue Grey but darker, or deeper in tone)
  7. I was looking at the swatches and the colors for spring/summer 07 are : Black, cafe, truffle, grass (green), vermillion (bright red), seagreen, white, marine (navy blue), french blue, natural, bleu garcier, anthracite, limestone (toffee) and cobalt (aquamarine)....:smile:
  8. Thank you, Celia_Hish!!! You are great! Do you know how the blue grey looks? I like dark blue color :smile: