what's the price of a hermes birkin in london?

  1. hey guys,

    I'm new to this forum and I really dont know much. Wanted to get a birkin for my mother but wanted to know how much it is here in london.

    Looked at Hermes reference and shopping but the i'm not fimilar with hermes terminology and measurements.

    Would be grateful if someone could help me :smile:

    Many thanks,

  2. no one?
  3. Mimi, which size are you looking for? After having spent 15 years in London, my advice would be, go through the tunnel to Paris, much less expensive and a better chance of actually being able to buy a Birkin.
  4. that's the thing. I thought the birkin came in one size... what size do you recommend?
  5. Mimi - it depends on the size, colour and leather - as for just being able to purchase one in London, that is almost unheard of, unless you happen to be related to one of the SA's - even the wait list is closed at the moment.

    Perhaps if you consider your mothers height, size and colour preferences, you might narrow down your search - would she prefer a more classic Kelly to the Birkin as these are easier to obtain.

    Even the Lindy is on the wait list here, although they have one in Harrods which they are holding onto for dear life LOL ... no doubt, there will be loads in a few months that they can't sell for love or money, but in the meantime they are playing the exclusivity card on this model.

    London prices are v. high as is everything in London and in addition, the VAT (value added tax) runs at 17.5% which is included in the price, but makes the prices here seem the highest in Europe.

    Good luck with your search
  6. can someone explain the difference in leather and sizes of the birkin.

    The Kelly is the smaller one right?
  7. Both the Birkin and the Kelly come in different sizes and different leathers. How tall is you mother?
  8. she's 5'6 - but wear heels all the time
  9. Mimi - have a peep in the Hermès Reference Library section, you will find lots of threads with all the answers you need in there:smile:
  10. Mimi, if she is 5'6" she could do a 35 cm Birkin. They are relatively heavy though and cannot be carried on the shoulder. A 35/32 cm Kelly or Bolide may be your answer. There is also the 30 cm Birkin small and easy to carry. As for leathers, have a look in the ref section.
  11. Mimi, my 35cm clemence with PH was GBP3670 last summer (before the exchange rate went crazy). :smile:
  12. I think a 35 would be a good size. I'm 5'3" and mine is a 35--it's almost too big for me, but for a 5'6" person, it would be perfect. I agree about the Bolide, too. Lovely bag!