What's the price for Luxe bowler? $2160 $2560?

  1. Hi ladies,
    Is anyone could tell me the price for med. Luxe bowler?
    I thought it is $2160 but I saw another pfer said it gone up to $2560?
    can anyone confirm this info? thank you all :heart:
  2. i believe it's $2160
  3. I paid $2160 for mine in Jan 07, not sue if it has gone up or not.
  4. Phoebe that was me. It's actually $2460 for the med. Not $2560 sorry about that
  5. thanks for confirm.

    Is it still possible to find them in store?

    $2460 is such an insane price. :crybaby:
  6. I've seen only Patent or the weird salmon color
  7. My patent was $2570 last November if I recall.
  8. pooo. I love this bag but I can't find it anywhere!
  9. Medium patent bowler is $2495.
  10. Do not know if you are still looking but there are a couple on eBay now..... Some stores still do have them, especially in the back, so you may have to ask....
  11. I got one in bronze already, thank you all for helping.
    I am also wondering do they comes the one with white patent?
    I saw one lady carried it yesterday. and it seems like a fake to me.
    anyways, I am not sure if they have the one with patent? anyone know this?
    thanks ;)
  12. Oooh phoebe where'd you get yours? I want a luxe bowler in bronze too! Do you know if they have any more at your store?
  13. Yes, they are/were available in white distressed patent.
  14. does anyone know any store that still have the luxe bowler in the metallic black color?? I called the Chanel boutique in Newport Beach yesterday, and she said that haven't gotten the metallic black in a year ( sad face), but they're going to get a shipment of black patent luxe bowlers in soon. so if anyone is interested in the patent version, try calling the newport location
  15. just saw plenty of lux bowlers on display here in tokyo. many colours available, namely, dark silver, black, bronze, beidge, silver etc...
    plenty of black metallic 2.55 on display too... in various sizes..
    wonder why japan gets all the goodies all the time...