what's the price about a gold lock in hippo shape?

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  1. I will have a kelly bag with gold hardware as my X'mas gift,but I also loooooooooove to have a hippo lock in gold or other special shapes.

    Do you ladies know how much a gold hippo lock is? Is there any other specially designed locks in gold color?

    Thank you so much~~~~~~~~
  2. I think my hippo was about $285? There's also elephants, pegasus, heart, ship and other locks in the gold. I :heart: the hippo too! But he's more expensive than some of the others.
  3. Thank you~~~~~~I will pick up my kelly tomorrow(I cannot to wait~~~~My heart already fly to there).

    Is the hippo lock limited edition for 2006? I am afraide there is no more available right now.
  4. There are still some available, Hermes......where are you located?
  5. Thank you
  6. Did we have a list of what locks were made? I love the pegasus lock :smile:
  7. You know what's so funny? I bought elephant cadena from Hermes a few days ago, and read on this board that elephant is year of 1988!!!!!!!!!!! I have NOOOOO idea how they had it in stock! It's still a big mistery to me...:shrugs: :shrugs: :shrugs:
  8. I'm fairly sure that they just keep making more of them.
  9. That's great~~~sounds like they are not as limited as their bags.