What's the prettiest red LV wallet IYO?

  1. It doesn't have to be totally red e.g. Red interior etc

    I've decided to buy more reds because my Fengshui master says it's good for my 八字!
  2. IMO NOTHING and I mean NOTHING can top Germanium Suhali when it comes to red!
  3. I pick the Damier Koala Wallet - I love its red interior lining.:heart:
  4. Koala or French Purse both in VERNIS Framboise!

    edit: sorry...I didn't know you were asking about RED ones....*i'm blind* haha....ummm...I like the red Epi Porte Tresor Etui Papier.....not many ppl have it it seems....
  5. I like the Damier Koala wallet too, or a Red Epi wallet. :yes:
  6. red vernis french purse
  7. i LOVE my cerises compact wallet!
  8. I like the Damier Koala too!
  9. damier koala wallet, and trust me!!!
  10. My Cerises zippy!
  11. Lol, more MORE!!

    I'm using my Red Groom pochette wallet right now and although I love it, I want to know what's the next best red wallet cus I'm afraid that Groom would wear out. :balloon:
  12. Red vernis french purse.
  13. oooohhhh.... i WANT that one! :drool:
  14. Zippy fuchia vernis
  15. Lol~I was about to say the Groom poch. wallet!! I absolutely in love with mine :love: :love: :love: The next best Red wallet i would say the Red Suhali PTI :P !!