What's the perfect wallet?

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  1. I want something big enough to hold credit/bank cards without making the wallet bulge open, but nothing too big & bulky. I probably need something with around 8 slots for cards. Does anyone have any styles they love or styles I should avoid?

    I'm sort of contemplating of a billfold & separate coin purse, but I wonder if billfolds are meant more for men?

    Thanks guys
  2. French Wallet! I just got a Pomme FP with 8cc. I am in love with it.
  3. Zippy Organiser. I love the fact that it zips shut, you don't have to worry about things falling out, and for messy types like me I can just stick anything in there and zip it shut! It has tons of room for notes and cards, and since it's long it won't get bulgy with coins and things. The denim one is gorgeous. :heart:
  4. I love the Zippy wallet.
  5. Anything Zippy - love it.
  6. Definetly a zippy, or a pochette wallet... But one of the reasons why I went with my zippy was because the pochette wallet tends to flip up on both sides if you put too much in it :s
  7. I have a Mono Pochette and love it.
  8. Thanks guys. I like the look of the zippy too, but haven't seen it IRL yet. My only hesitation is the price. I was reading the thread: "How do you get over the fact that you can buy a wallet for the price of a purse", and there are valid arguments for both sides. Things would be so much easier if I won the lottery!
  9. I just saw the organizer IRL the other day, and I fell in love with it..... it truly is an "organizer".....
  10. I have constant internal battles regarding the Damier Zippy Organiser.. I'm currently using my Damier Koala Agenda with red lining as both agenda and wallet (with Damier Cles attached), and I completely love it, but also love the Organiser and would die to have one..
  11. The PTI and Pochette wallets are my favorite. :yes:
  12. Pochette wallet. It has 2 slots in the front and they are wonderful for your dl and whichever credit card you use the most
  13. Thanks for all the suggestions! :smile:
  14. I love my Koala

  15. Damier Koala would be my next choice, I love the Koala clasp on my Agenda. :love: