What's the perfect bag for a sporty girl?

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  1. Hi, I'm new to TPF! I have a small bag collection that mostly consists of small cross body like bags, such as the Chanel WOC and LV Favorite. My birthday is coming up and I want to purchase a new bag. I'm considering the Gucci Belt Bag (which I know isn't really a bag) but I know it's not really the "in thing." What would you say is the perfect bag for a sporty girl? I'm usually in my gym clothes all day or sneakers and jeans. I'd appreciate any of your advice!
  2. Have you looked into Balenciaga? I personally love their line of motorcycle bags (the city is probably their most popular style) - perfect mix of chic, edgy, and downtown.
  3. Since you like crossbody bags, have you considered the Gucci Disco bag?
  4. The Gucci belt bag look is very Italian! I would suggest these:

    - Balenciaga City
    - Louis Vuitton x Sofia Coppola duffle bags
    - Alexander Wang Emile
    - Givenchy Nightingale

    All of them are very sporty chic, and versatile to dress up or down with!
  5. I have but I see that more as a going out at night type of a bag. Thanks for replying btw!
  6. Thanks for the suggestions!
  7. Yes!!! I wanted one when that's all Kim K wore. Will consider that again. Thanks
  8. I have tried on the Gucci Disco bag and I wear jeans and sneakers 100% of the time.
    It looked great! But too small for me!
  9. Chanel Boy can be sporty.
  10. +1 Balenciaga City
  11. You should check out Megs' Purseonals where she reviews her bags. She is a good example of a sporty girl with an athletic background who rocks her bags and shoe collection. Like her, you can probably wear anything you want!
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  12. You know - I am quite sporty I think, in the sense that I cycle everywhere and do yoga. My easiest sportiest bags are the longchamps....nothing else I own is so care free and easy to use. Plus they offer terrific aftercare.
  13. Balenciaga
  14. Ps1. I own the ps1 pouch and it can go with me from hiking to shopping to a bar.