What's "THE" pedicure color for Fall?

  1. I've been doing OPI's bubble bath forever. It's a good neutral for work (when my toes are exposed) - but now that it's Fall i'm looking for some new colors.

    I know someone mentioned a Sally Hansen navy color - but I can't seem to find it anywhere.

    So what color are you rockin' on your pedi this Fall?

    edit to add: It seems like a lot of people are wearing OPI's Russian Navy - can someone describe it to me. Also where do you guys purchase your OPI from? Salons or online?

  2. If you look on the OPI website, you will see the Russian collection.
  3. i purchase them from salons or trade secret
  4. I've been wearing a robin's egg blue from OPI and will switch to navy once it gets colder - probably the OPI Russian collection one
  5. I hear that darks are in but im not really into that
  6. I second the robin's egg blue.
  7. i also currently have o.P.I's suzy says da on the toes..
  8. I wear a really dark burgundy-ish red
  9. I just purchased 6 polishes from the Russian Collection. I HAD to have Russian Navy lol!
  10. I am wearing the Russian Navy. Love it!!!!
  11. You can also buy opi at ulta
  12. I think Im the only one thats not a fan of Russian Navy...

    but right now I am wearing Essie "Wicked" which is like a blood-red. not scary though, but pretty.
  13. Russian Navy is a VERY dark navy (sometimes looks black) w/ reddish/purplish shimmer/glitter. very pretty, i've gotten several compiliments on it. i found it at ulta. good luck!!!
  14. seems to be navy, not for me. i'll stick to reds and burgundys for fall/winter
  15. Love Wicked...a little less severe than the navy.