What's the one thing you don't leave the house without??

  1. Ok, actually two things:

    1) What makeup can you absolutely not leave the house without applying??

    2) What do you ALWAYS have to take w/ you to work, school etc (besides your bag of course...i.e. - IPod, cell, lipstick, etc)?

    For me it would be mascara and l/s. I can't choose just one!!!
    I never leave the house w/o my Sugar-Free Red Bull and cell. I'm an addict and freely admit it!
  2. I have to apply blush and mascara in order to leave the house.

    Otherwise its my lip balm that needs to be in close range at all times. I have issues with that. My cell phone is number two, I'm not one of those girls who is always on it...but I need it.
  3. Gotta be wearing my Bare Minerals foundation and can't leave without my cell. My cell has saved me from minor disasters many times, like locking my keys in my car on a very cold day, etc.
  4. i don't leave the house without putting on some kind of lip balm or gloss. i'll go out bare faced but not bare lipped. :smile: i always have lip balm in my pocket. i *always* forget my cell but never my lip balm. :smile:

    i 99% of the time have a liter of water as well. :smile:
  5. My passport. You just never know
  6. I don't really wear a lot of makeup since I'm usually going to school.

    I must always have my cell phone.
  7. If I was a jetsetter, I would love to always have my passport handy! That would be nice!!!:biggrin:

    Too bad I'm not married to James Bond :lol: !
  8. I can't leave home without putting tinted moisturizer and blush. I always have lipbalm and cell phone.
  9. cell phone, hand lotion, and tic tacs. ;)
  10. Cell phone! I am lost without it, I know it's bad, but crap always happens when I don't have it!

    I never leave without sunscreen on my face, and sheer bronzer...so i don't look completely scary in public!
  11. Ah yes, can't forget about sunscreen!! I forgot to add that to mine too! Geesh, so many things I couldn't live w/o! Gotta love bronzer! I just started getting into that recently and love how it gives me a peppier look!
  12. My pink razr and my sidekick. It's pathetic but I feel disconnected to the world without them. :shame:
  13. Lip gloss and cellphone.
  14. The one thing that I can't leave the house without is my umbrella. Not too glamourous.
  15. Cell phone, lip balm and small bottle of Excedrin.