What's the oldest chanel you own/have seen?

  1. Re-reading the info in the black booklet with one of my bags made me really curious about the first Chanel bags. There are tons of vintage bags on eBay, but the oldest I've seen has been from the 1980's.

    Does anyone own one of the original bags/ have you ever seen one before? If not, what's the oldest bag you own/have seen. I don't know if I just missed it on the forum but I'd love to see pics of different Chanels through the very vintage days to see the evolution that has created the bags we wear today (how they've changed and how they've stayed the same).
  2. the oldest chanel bag i own would have to be my vintage chevron-quilted cream colored bag. sorry i don't have a pic right now...

    i wish the current line carried more chevron quilted bags.. i really love that design.
  3. I have an olive lambskin tote from the 1980s. There is a photo somewhere in my collection here. I love it, despite iher age she still looks pretty darn good (hey, kinda like me! hahahahahaha).
  4. yeh id love to see some to - considering that the 2.55's had been created 52 years ago, there must be some good pics out there!