whats the official name for the hot new clutch

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  1. i had one SA say Medor clutch and the other called it the CDC...............are they referring to the same thing?
  2. It's the Medor Clutch.
  3. does anyone have one? i am trying to find out what colors it comes in
  4. Yes, black box with gold hardware. Right now I've seen it in black, chocolate, and rouge H box with gold or palladium hardware. In the fall it may come out in other colors such as ardoir and toundra. It's uncertain whether or not it will be coming out in parchment.

  5. wow thanks--whats ardoir?
  6. Ardoir is to be a new grey color.
  7. HG, what type of grey?

  8. ooooooh now that would be gorgeous! specially if it were sort of a medium pearl