What's the next thing on your LV Shopping List...

  1. As the Purse community has heard, i just made a much desired purchase. And with that purchase went a lot of recon and intel gathering. Checking out opinions, YouTube videos, PF threads all to make the perfect purchase and that it was. (In case you're the only one that hasn't heard... a DE Neverfull GM) But this thread isn't about that, it's about what's next. There's always a list, right? There's always the next item on the list... and the next, and the next.

    For me the "next thing on my LV Shopping List" is a 6 key holder in Monogram Canvas but only if it will hold my big ass BMW key fob. Could they make those any bigger. Dang! Now, since there is a list, if that is a bust, thanks to the aforementioned key fob... then I will be shopping for a Speedy 30 in DA for summer.

    So what's next for you?
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  2. I've been saving up for a speedy b 25 in DE! I should have enough by May to finally purchase it!
  3. Now the calendar watching begins. I hate this part. There's always the risk you could change your mind. On the bright side, May will be here in a flash!
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  4. Oh boy, this is such a good question! My wish list is all over the place, I just sold a bag and now I'm like "what do I get now?"
    I'm completely torn between a neo noe (which I am yet to see in person), a capucines bb in galet and the alma (bb or pm? I don't know... as for color, I wanted the charcoal but it doesn't exist in France anymore). Are you liking your neverfull?
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  5. My next bag in the LV shopping list is always the Speedy B 25 DE, but then there is always another bag coming along which I purchase instead. :lol:
    So now it´s the Neo Noe with red accents, if I can get hold of one.
  6. I want the epi speedy, the Vivienne, Capucines, but I'm just waiting for the right color. And a new zippy coin purse, mon monogram speedy, a travel piece, and perhaps my first rtw piece.

    So not sure which will be next.
  7. I was after a Flandin but it appears to have completely disappeared from the UK site!
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  8. On my list: Eva in monogram & DE, DE alma bb & pochette metis in marine rouge.
  9. My wishlist is short , it's my mind thats all over the place. I want a mono speedy 30 but I already have a DE speedy 30. I want an Arsty but I have a Delighful so I'm thinking maybe a Neverfull to round out my collection.
    Mono Speedy 30
    Mono Artsy
    Mono Neverfull mm
  10. I'm loving my Neverfull GM. I'm going to live in it! Seriously, it's perfect for me. I think the reason I'm so nuts over it is because I not only thought this purchase through but I didn't cave to anyone else's opinion and finally got what I want. Some SAs can be a bit pushy. So with a clear conscience I'm on to the next.
  11. Neo Noe in Black, Macassar Keepall 45, Nice BB.
  12. The Flandrin is so clean and sophisticated.
  13. Key pouch...still deciding between DE vs mono.
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  14. I love neverful
  15. B25 which will be coming home today
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