Whats the next size smaller than a jumbo?

  1. I'm trying to round out my collection. I have a Modern Chain N/S tote, which is a pretty large bag for me. I know everyone LOVES the jumbo and it fits everything, but do you recommend a smaller size classic bag?

    Open to suggestions.
  2. I love love the jumbo size but don't like it on me personally, so I have a medium/large (next size down from jumbo). If I could, believe me, I'd have jumbos galore!
  3. Let me put in a better question,

    If you coulden't get a jumbo classic, than what would you get?
  4. ^I like the jumbo first, but if I couldn't get that then I'd get the Medium/Large.. Anything smaller than that is just way too small for someone like me to use.
  5. I'm 5"4. 125lbs. Curvey. Will the jumbo look ok on me?
  6. Plus, I wear a lot of jeans, leggings and such, does the Jumbo go with a lot of different outfits?
  7. I am 5'7" 125 and I thought it looked too big on me... (had one in red caviar this spring, and sent it back!)
  8. I think it'll look so chic and cute! I'm a petite girl (5'2'') and I LOVE the look of the Jumbo on me. I can't decide on the color, though, and I felt like the black/gold combo looked too fancy on me, so I'm going to wait for the white/gold to come out, and probably get a medium/large white/gold in the meantime.
  9. I have one jumbo, and a few medium large flaps. I love the size of the jumbo (I am tall) but sometimes want a smaller bag, hence the medium large flaps. I don't think I would buy another jumbo, because the one I have in black does it all.