What's the next MUST HAVE color for FLAP after Black?

  1. any suggestions?THANKS :love:
  2. dark white or beige.. i wanted both, i ordered a dark white but was sent a beige..

    red or purple is next.. they are hard to find..
  3. Red and blue :smile: oh and also dark silver reissue is gorgy :smile:
  4. btw kelly, adik ka na lolz :smile:
  5. Beige, it goes with so much.

  6. LOL. mejo. I'm convincing mom, hehe..Hiram na lang ako..LOL Thanks!!:love::love:
  7. Are u keeping the beige?
    is dark white hard to find?Beige is always available right?

  8. thinking about it..

    dark white is hard to find..

    beige always available..

    both are nice..
  9. :smile: blue is super nice, but red is soo fab! :smile:

  10. wait, is that blue in your avatar? pero hard to find ata eh?

  11. ok, hope you'll end up with the one you really like..

    Yup, all flaps are lovely isn't it?;)
  12. I def. agree!
  13. Dark white/ white/ red :biggrin:
  14. beige or white
  15. any modeling pix for dark white and beige? TIA guys