What's the next IT bag after Mirror?

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  1. So far I'm not really loving any of the Spring/Summer bags I'm hoping the extra collections will be cute like the pink & green denim this year they are spring/summer but not catwalk if you know what I mean.

    BUT>>>I do like the look of this one

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  2. second that :yes:

    So far, I'm not feeling any of the catwalk design at all :shrugs:

    But: A Vernis Heart sounds cute! Does anyone have more info on that? How big is it supposed to be? :confused1:

  3. Yes,for the new design,I feel the same way. If they are going to release the Vernis Heart, I definitely will love it.
  4. They are all so nice.
  5. oh please im just getting over the "blinding me with your reflection" miroir bag.. lol, I hope the next one is nicer, or more practical at least.. (no offense to anyone! just my opinion)
  6. I like the first
  7. I wouldn't have thought it until you said it, but all of them seem very MiuMiu-ish to me. I think MIUMIU does cute bags, but these don't do it for me. :shrugs:
  8. Awesome taste, I love day clutches!
  9. i LOVE the third one! all three are cute, but the third is my favorite! i better start saving!