What's the next IT bag after Mirror?

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  1. yea e_pinpin, your right. a few weeks ago the board was flooded with groom, then soon after it was azur, now miroir is the hot topic!
  2. I'm with Shalomjude, can't wait for the vernis heart to come out, it's a great valentine's pressie. Must subtly remind the hubby..
  3. I also like this one.

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  4. I like the 3rd one....it's more timeless.
  5. Does anyone know what the third one is called? :confused1:
  6. I think you can make ANY bag an IT bag! Why have some one tell what it should be! Just ROCK whatever you like and have people copy YOU not the other way around!:graucho:

  7. Amen to that!:yes:
  8. Ooh I likey the top purses - but the buttons? Eww.
  9. Vernis heart purse? I'd like that for sure.
  10. true dat! :roflmfao::yes:
  11. I respect you :love:
  12. The last two are gorgeous, can wait for the reservation list to open for those two!!! :nuts:
  13. That is one hot little bag! :yes:
  14. bag #3 is really nice! I have asked my SA about it but he didn't had any info :crybaby:
  15. don't like any of those.