What's the next IT bag after Mirror?

  1. Does anyone know about it? Please tell us
  2. I think it's going to be the following 3:



  3. ooooo....:nuts: :drool: I like the first and the last!
  4. The last one reminds me of MIUMIU coffee bag,especially the part of handle
  5. ohh pretty pretty ^^^
    id like to find out about the coming bags far enough in advance that i have a chance to get one, unlike the miroir :crybaby:
    only one thing to do...commit to this forum 24/7 hehehe:nuts:
  6. I think it will be #2 or #3, more likely #3.
  7. I am slowly falling for the African Tote Cabas bag? :shrugs:
  8. Alright now... I'm going to ask my SA as soon as possible
  9. I just want to get the LVOE tote:yes: Any more info on the vernis heart purse??
  10. Vernis Heart Purse?? really? I want to see the pic,Please
  11. those bags are hot. the first one is nice :smile: although all 3 are good :biggrin:
  12. WHaat heart purse????
  13. Vernis Heart Purse? Do you have any pics to share?

    I think this bag will also do good:

  14. There was a post about the vernis heart purse a while ago but no more info on it:crybaby: I am hoping it is like the conte de fees butterfly, owl & frog one:heart:
  15. i think every new comer LV is always the "it" bag.....

    so far, i've never really seen any new line that u ladies here don't go rushing out getting one :smile: