What's the next bag on your to buy list?

  1. what's the next bag on your list? I think I finally decided to go for Speedy 30 in Damier. Unless something else calls my name when I finally get there next week.
  2. Where to start? I'm on a ban so I obsess over my list....
    Depending on my savings when I get off the ban I want an vernis Houston/Brentwood/Bedford/Sunset or Epi Sac Montaigne or mono speedy 25 w/heatstamping.
    Of course, it depends on what the boutique has available when I go too.
  3. i'm on the hunt for the Monogram Riveting bag. yes it's limited and not in stores anymore, but i've never failed in my hunt yet :p
  4. Wow ,thats some list. I also want the bosphore messenger pm or maybe the Trocadero 27. I guess our lists never end.
  5. At the moment i'm undecided. There is no bag from LV I really would!:rolleyes: I think about an Onatah Pochette in brown, maybe a new Speedy Mono 30. I'm waiting for my next visit on the store after my summer holidays. Maybe I'll find something that I like?!:confused1:
  6. I forgot something: Jasmin Cannelle or Segur Cannelle.
  7. Hmm I am on the hunt currently for a clutch or evening bag so it is most likely going to be a Shirley, Beverly or a Sunset Blvd. Perhaps a Sophie if I go the reseller route, but I am not sure at this point as it seems hard to find a Sophie at a reasonable price.
  8. I'm pondering a monogram canvas Neverfull MM or a Damier Ribera MM. I'd love a Damier Azur Saleya PM but I'm so afraid it'll get dirty!I have until next month to decide, when I go to Atlantic City. I'm picking it up at the Pier at Caesar's. Can't wait!
  9. So many wonderful bags . I hope you all get what you wish for. Every time I hear of another wish someone has its like ooh I like that too. Does that happen to you as well?
  10. If this is a bag I like, yes, that happen to me as well!:yes:
  11. amarante sunset blvd. but i think i'm gonna buy a mini lin speedy when i go to pick it up too ;)
  12. damier azur speedy 30!
  13. A red epi noe :love:
  14. It's weird but I don't really have my eye on anything in particular. I am so happy with my new denim baggy right now. Probably once the fall rolls around in a few months I will start to want a change. Right now I am happy. I really would love a wallet next.
  15. Which wallet?