What's the next bag/accessory you plan on buying?

  1. :yahoo:

    I'm buying the Legacy Ali bag in black and the matching framed slim envelope wallet in black on monday! As well as the gold framed wristlet, M charm and possibly the duffle for my mom.

    After that I already know I want a patent mini skinny (I can't pick which color I want though!), zoe clutch in black and I really want the striped scarf, I lovee it.

    I know you ladies know what you want!
  2. definetly goodies for my dog, and something striped, whether it be a scarf or a sweater. Dont know about purses just yet. need to see them in real.
  3. There is a dog carrier coming out! I loveee the patent collars coming out as well, there is also a striped dog sweater that I think is $148 (the catalog says 198$ and one size, but in the computer it says $148 and S/M/L).

  4. So far a zodiac charm...but we'll see. LOL.
  5. DOG CARRIER?! ARE YOU SERIOUS! OMG! sprinkles you just made my day!!
  6. [​IMG]

    sorry for the large pictures :shame:
  7. I just discovered it today! I don't know how big your dog is but I know the carrier is khaki/gold. PM me and I can get more info for you at work tomorrow.

  8. ohhMRmagazine - just to let you know, that duffle is being discontinued next week or so - there will be new ones out and i'm sure you can still order it from the stores.
  9. oh thank you so much for that
    haha ill be sure to go this weekend and get it
  10. i just need a wallet...and preferably something to match my new bag and mini skinny.
  11. Once I get paid, I'm gonna start saving up for a leather pocket satchel, I really want it in the hot pink, but the logical side of me is saying to get it in black or the blue because it matches more stuff, and get the small braided hobo in magenta (which will probably be my Christmas gift from my parents). And one of the new pebbled leather bags for my mom and the embossed checkbook wallet for her too.
  12. Love the middle one, I'm going to get it in brown pebble leather. Waiting for the Bloomies private sale.
  13. I just need one thing....I still need a slim checkbook. LOL I haven't found the right one yet & they are kinda pricey. Does anyone have a Coach checkbook & how do you like it?
  14. I just got the anniversary catalog last night and I have to have at least one pice of the striped. I am thinking that the scarf would be great.
  15. I want the Chelsea pony