What's the new lock of 2007?

  1. Does anyone know what's the new lock of 2007?

  2. Not yet, Hermes.......I've been told sometime in the middle of January!!!!! ugh......all I know is whatever the dang thing is, I'm buying it. It's too hard to find them after the fact!!!!! I'm still trying to find the LION!!!!
  3. I am trying to find the SNAIL,haha

    Great info ,thanks
  4. ....and that dang LANTERN!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!
  5. i think HG said it will be a sexy pole dancing horse, LOL
  6. Still looking for the gold shooting star ...
  7. OMG~~~~~~~~~HermesBB, Could u post a pic for us? dying to see
  8. Oh, sorry to confuse u, :shame: i was just kidding :sweatdrop: i don't have a picture...

    but i think HG mentioned that it will be some kind of horse...

    I also asked my SA, but she said she does not know yet...
  9. ......I guess it could be archer,haha. Just my wish
  10. Shopmom, are you looking for gold or palladium?
  11. and a dang snail at a decent price:confused1:

  12. All Gold, I'm afraid, Sue.......my bags are all gold hw :shame:
  13. I'm in the same boat. I've sold off all of my palladium cadenas. And, in the event I do pick up a bag with phw, I can just wear the lantern charm!
  14. Could anyone tell more info about the 2007 lock??
  15. I think it is a dancer like a ballerina.