what's the new "IT" bag to get??

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  1. I am getting a xmas gift from my husband...he said I can pick out any bag (within a $1500 price limit!)....any suggestions or thoughts on what the new it bag for this season is....im debating if I should get the new LV "neverful GM" ...but im thinking that may be a little tooo big for daily use...thoughts, comments, suggestions...thanks girlies! :smile:
  2. I think it depends on what you personally like. Leathers? Logos? Shoulder? Handheld? You mentioned the LV Neverful GM, how about the MM? It is a much more manageable size.
  3. well i def want something that is leather...i dont want canvas for sure. I am debating now btwn the neverful mm since its a better size and the palermo pm, i actually have not tried it on in person so im not sure if the palermo fits on ur shoulder? any idea?
    tx :smile:
  4. I own the Neverfull MM and think it's a great daily-use bag...the inside-out capabilties are overblown, since it's a real pain to invert, but the bag itself is fantastic. Still, if your hubby's willing to go as high as $1500, why stop at a bag you can get for $620? :biggrin:
  5. i am actually trying to stay under 1000 that way I can get a wallet, or small accessory pouch if i go with LV...I do like the palermo or tivoli but i would like to go with the PM versions, only thing is im wondering if they are too small? i guess i will have to go in person.
  6. I have the Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM and I love it. It is a perfect everyday bag. I have 2 young kids and am able to fit my things and a few toys. You can fit a lot in this bag, but it doesn't look too large. I don't think that the straps are long enough on the PM to wear it on your shoulder.
    I hope this helps.