What's the new "It" bag for the summer?

  1. Does anyone have any idea what will be the new hot thing? The new "must have" bag?
  2. I don't know, each brand seems to have something for each season that is a must have for lovers of the designer/brand. Right now I can't think of any one bag that I have seen in the mags.
  3. IT bags are OUT.
  4. ^ITA TropicalGal!
  5. I think the new 'it' bag is the one you absolutely ~love~ to carry.

    It doesn't matter the brand or style, what matters is that YOU think it is da bomb.
  6. All the celebs are wearing lanvin bags these days, but I don't know if that makes them "It" bags.
  7. The last one I remembered being seen all over was the lv murakami in white on celebs. I think jessica simpson went nuts over it on her old show. But now I agree with everyone else: choose your own it bag!
  8. Couldn't agree with you more :tup:...you have to love it, you're the one carrying it anyway, right?

  9. :yes:
  10. i agree, i've been pleased to see a variety of bags being carried by celebrities and women! i love the diversity of it.
  11. :yes:
  12. patent and metallic anything.
  13. I love Balenciaga in the summer - something about those tassles :graucho: - swaying in the wind - it's very... easy breezy.
  14. I was reading that the YSL Downtown is becoming an It Bag since lots of celebs have been photographed with it recently including Salma Hayek, Giselle and Kate Moss...