what's the new colour for Vernis in the coming year?

  1. hi,ladies. I really love the Vernis line and want to know what's the new colour will come out.

    Anyone knows that,please tell me.

    Thank you ~~~~~~~~~~
  2. Red Apple
  3. Red apple? Is this colour? [​IMG]
  4. I can't wait to see!
  5. it's more of 'Candy Apple' red, do a search w/Candy Apple, and you should see some threads about the new color. It should hit the store around Feb. 07 :smile:
  6. Dissapointing :crybaby: There's so many other colors in the rainbow and the PF has suggested so many beautiful ideas... and errr I'm not a red lover. :nuts: *ducks*
  7. Ya, me too since I already have 2 Vernis in red,but I still want to see the new colour.

    Could anyone po a pic for me ? Thanks.
  8. upupup