what's the name/price/info of this lovely multicolor LV bag?

  1. take it down.
  2. This bag is called "Fake LV."
  3. Eww, and it's a horrible fake at that!!!

    The brand new......LV Fakasim!!!!
  4. ::giggles to self::
  5. ITs call Ewww FAKE!

    the real bag should look like this
    Ribera MM

    Ribera Mini

    Although i think it would look cute in Mc it hasnt been made.
  6. Ummm....ya.....can't really tell you the price or info about that bag.....BUT I do know its name. It's called: FAKE! :biggrin:
  7. thanks for everyone's reply. rEally??? how to tell??
    I do love the style and color of the bag.
  8. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. ^^^ :lol:
  10. First and foremost: The colors. There are supposed to be 33 vibrant colors in an authentic Multicolore bag, not the same 6.

    The handles aren't supposed to look like plastic [like the one you pictured]... :throwup:
  11. Oh my. Fakety fake
  12. Ewwww!! :throwup: :throwup:
  13. I see. thanks a lot jm311. I dont own any multicolor LV bags.:blush: (do want to get one if they ever ycome out sth like this.)
    feeling quite embarrassed:""
  14. There is a MC Mini Sac HL? ($495)

  15. jm311: it's cute bag. but too small for me. and LV has sth too large ....i need sth in size medium, like speedy 25 kind. :smile: thanks again for educating me. :smile:)