What's the name of your pets..???

  1. Title says it all.

    I have a bird named popoye *it's green, my mom made up the name*
    2 doggies: Princess and Dior *Princess is the mom and Dior the kid*
    and 6 nameless fish
  2. Katie is a 6 month old golden retriever. Then I have a bunch of fish: Taffy a gold fish, Riven and Demon are cichlids, Firecracker and Firebug are sharks, and Mohawk and the nippers are my school of tiger barbs.
  3. That's really cute. I love the pic of Katie in your avatar
  4. I have 2 pekingese my male is Bobo and my female is Lola Belle.
  5. I adopted a 2 year old orange tabby cat this past June. His name is Stanley...and he's super spoiled and affectionate.
  6. that's lily in my avatar!

    we're thinking about getting a lab in february or so. her name will probably be hilo or pia (pie ya)...yes. we're battlestar geeks. :smile:

  7. OMG! My maltese/shih tzu mix is also named Bhobho, same thing, only different spelling. He is 7 years old and has been with me since he was 2 months old. He was a gift from my ex, LOL!

    Now on to my cats, I have a lot.. let's see.. Jack, Kuning, Manis, Kecil, Ndut, Putih, Cemong, Princess, Cimot, Cuplis.
  8. I have a 2yr old red and white Pomeranian, and his name is Gizmo. He looks just like Gizmo from the Gremlins movie.
  9. A rabbit called Honey.
    & I used to have fish called Shiny & Sparkle when I was little.. haha what awful names!
  10. OK, here goes:

    5 Chart Polski (Saluki-type dog from Poland/Ukraine):

    Ambra and 3 of her offspring- Pearl, Angel and Rocco, and then the older lady (9 years), Mokka

    4 Azawakh (a saluki- type dog from Africa)

    All males: Menza, Remo, Ubi and Bodie

    1 greyhound mix, male: Kiley

    one cat who loves my DH but won't let me touch him: Alvin, an Oriental Shorthair

    Don't worry, I have more than one acre of space per dog, LOL!
  11. I have 2 min pins. Lily and Violet. (put them together and you have LV) LOL I never realized this until one of my firends pointed it out! Funny.
  12. My girl's name is Breeze (you can see her in my avatar). She's a red pomeranian. :love:
  13. In order of age:
    Rascal, 11-- yorkie poo
    Lewis, 8-- silky terrier
    Sam, 6--brittany spaniel
    Pete, 3-- choc lab
    Maximum Palmetto Diva SH "Emma", 2-- Choc lab
    Hank, 6 mos, -- Yorkie
  14. My little girl boxer doggies name is Masai and I have 2 fish, Sushi and Gil.
  15. Shih-Tzu/Lhaso mix-Princess

    Long Haired Chihuahua-Mariah

    As seen in my Signature :smile: