What's the name of this rebecca minkoff bag?

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  1. [​IMG]:wlae:thanks!
  2. ^Elisha
  3. That's an Elisha!:P
  4. Midnight/Black Elisha
  5. classic, where did you see this bag?
  6. Cool bag!
  7. www.beaconscloset.com - it's a cosignment shop in brooklyn. they sell a lot of designer items and most of the time -- they've hardly been worn or anything. :tup:
  8. Thank you!
    and thank you everyone else. :heart:
  9. OMG it is only $89!!! Did anyone buy it?
  10. Looks like it, as it's not on the site anymore..wah, my dream bag! oh well, hope someone else enjoys her. :yes:
  11. Whoa! Seriously? What a price!
  12. yep -- and someone smart snatched it up!
  13. Wow what a price! I'm actually going to be in the area tomorrow!!! I think I'll make a pit stop at Beacon's Closet!
  14. That's a great deal for an elisha!!! Now I'm off to investigate Beacon's Closet online :smile:
  15. Thanks for that link. Beacon's closet has great prices