what's the name of this LV bag?

  1. Is the a stephen but with leopard? Anyone knows how much it was? Is it still possible to find one?

  2. It's just called the Leopard Stephen :yes:
    As far as availability, I think they're pretty much gone but I've seen some of the regular Stephen's available on elux lately.
  3. so much cuter with the leopard in my opinoni! otherwise, it is just a HUGE bag! almost a duffle!
  4. On eLux, is it listed under "Handbags & Backpacks" or under "Luggage"?
    Thanks for the info
  5. ^^Well it comes up at different times, it's not on there all the time. Just keep checking the "new arrivals" section and sometimes it'll show up. I'd say it's on there about once or twice a week.
  6. The regular Stephen is available at my 2 stores in Melbourne still and just one Leopard Stephen is available at one of my stores.
  7. I like the leapord much better than the regular ones!
  8. i like the regular stephen better.
  9. I think its 4300
  10. One came up on elux about a week ago but I have not seen it since
  11. I think I heard of someone seeing a leopard not too long ago in store......
  12. Try calling the 1866 number. But I think I heard some members say they saw it in a store.