What's the name of this Louis bag?

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I've looked around and can't seem to find this Louis Bag that Jenn Aniston carries in one of the Friends episodes. I'm assuming that the bag is authentic...but do they still make this style?? I'm in love with it, so if anyone knows I would be very grateful.

  2. Unless it's a vintage piece, I'd think it'd be a fake. I don't know if even the authentic ones put that little oval patch on the side like that. The closest they have to it now is the Cabas Mezzo (19" L x 13" H x 6" D):

    and the discontinued Cabas Alto:
  3. Wow...that bag definitely looks fake. And it very well might be, because I think that shows aren't supposed to promote brands. Sort of like how music videos screen out trademarks and brand logos.
  4. Is it me, or are the LV's upside down? On the Mezzo the LV's aren't on a continuous piece of canvas, and it looks like there's an LV logo on that vachetta patch.... On the side of the bag, the LV's are in the right direction.... Hmmmmm:hrmm:
  5. i believe it's fake...
  6. It's normal that in the TV industry they use fake bags for their shots so as this bag. Sorry.
  7. Yea, they use fakes in making tv shows. Don't know why but they do. BEPs used real Louis' in their videos and Mariah did too, so I don't understand the difference, oh well..........

    PS you can still SO the alto.
  8. there was a thread about her bag and it was indeed fake
  9. even though my heart is broken...thanks!!
  10. So I guess the name of the bag is...Le Nonexistant! :roflmfao:

    Don't worry ozreticn. We'll help you find something better! (And more importantly, AUTHENTIC!)