What's the name of this Chloe bag?

  1. [​IMG]

    I think it's GORGEOUS and I especially love the grey. And I don't care if no celebrities are carrying it!! :lol:

    I'm seriously going to have to plan a weekend trip to London so I can visit some boutiques... :heart: :heart: :heart:
  2. I think this is called the Molly. Someone here has a choco...SoCal I think. Please search the threads. I almost bought one of these too! :smile:
  3. Yeah it's the Molly... It's really, really nice.
  4. SD I think you should go for it!!! :yes: It's gorgeous and I love the idea that it's not the bag that everybody's carrying!
  5. never seen it before. Is it a large bag?
  6. SoCal definitely had one...I think she was selling it on the Marketplace when it closed. It was chocolate.
  7. They have it at Nordstrom usually in choco or black. It's the size of a Speedy 30, I think. Really cute bag!
  8. How cute! How much are these bags?
  9. ^^I think it was around $1450. Nordstrom at Valley Fair had them.
  10. ^^^ Thanks girl! I have to check it out :biggrin:
  11. Hey, maybe I'll see you there. :biggrin: Want me to ask my SA before you go?
  12. OMG, that bag is so cute! SoCal had it in chocolate but it was hard to see the detail in her pics. *Plots getting it on sale*.