What's the name of this bag??????????

  1. Can anyone please tell me the name of this bag:confused1: And is it still in circulation, this bag is gorgeous I must have it(in any color):yes: :nuts: :love: TIA.... I don't think I will be able to sleep until I have it:rolleyes:
  2. That looks like an east-west bouler (zippy). Blanc perhaps -- I'll let the experts weigh in :yes:

    I know lizthomas had some
  3. ^ I agree!
  4. Jag,

    Yay, I was right :nuts:

    <----- Guess this newbie has been doing her research, and is learning from the pros :yes:
  5. Agree

    This bag is not current season so you will not get in stores
  6. You can often find them on eBay, you can search under zippy or bouler and see what comes up. Remember to get it authenticated in the authenticate threads tho ;)

    good luck its a great bag :biggrin:
  7. Thanks guys, I appreciate all your help:yes: . Roma375: I checked out the link that is the exact bag. I'm just a little afraid of eBay, since my recent experience was not so good.
    At least I have the name of the bag now, so I can call around to find out who may have it.
    Thanks again:love:
  8. The zippy/east-west!!! I have it in gris-vert and have the picture posted here somewhere...

    ali_w, what's your bag rundown as of today? hehehehhe
  9. Roma- you rock!!! Awesome job! And it is fine to post that link as you were merely helping a member find a bag. Thanks for being so helpful!
  10. :shame: I'm at a total of six bags and a wallet for january(3chloe's&3marc jacobs). I trully believe I have lost my mind:yes: . I just can't help it, and now I'm going to hunt down this zippy( I must have it).
    I don't know what happend to the purse band :shrugs:I think it ran away:push: !!!
  11. Awww Jag you're making me blush :shame: you're welcome. i'm glad I could help someone out.

    Ali w --I hear your concerns with eBay. I'm the same way. After reading hundreds of posts, I can tell you that everyone would aggree that elizthomas is entirely legit !
  12. That is commonly known as the Zippy. It pops up A LOT on eBay under "bouler". That colour is the most common - my rouge was not, so I snatched it BUT for a perty penny!

    By the way, that is the large.