what's the name of this bag?

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  1. I'm wondering what the middle bag is called. Does anyone know it's price? it's so cute! this is from chloe.com

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  2. I like the chain! This was not on my list of pre-sale items for fall, so I have no idea. There is a "Pouchette" that is similar, but it has a little Chloe lock in the middle of the front and has a leather strap rather than the chain. I love the chain handles! (Although they would get caught in my hair.)
  3. I've found another pic of it. i didn't think about the chain getting stuck in my hair! ouch! still a girl sometimes has to suffer for fashion! :lol:

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  4. Ooh...it's teensy! Too small for me, but I like the chain a LOT!
  5. Oh wow oh wow. This is the one Roz is offering soon! The one of the right of the picture. Are they all the same bag though? The images are so small. I love the one on the left but I need a close up of it to really make up my mind. Mmm.

    Oh.. and I'm loving the clutch too :love:
  6. kip are you refering to the ebay seller roz(followed by all the numbers, I can't remember the sequence)? Does she have a listing of items she's soon to put up on ebay? she has such great stuff.

    I've been calling around all morning about this bag and no one seems to have a name. of course, I'm describing it over the phone and probably doing a terrible job of it!
  7. Roz- is she a retailer? Does anyone know how she has so many of these items- she's like a store! Has anyone won anything from her- is it authentic?
  8. Airress, Roz apparently has an outstanding reputation as being a legitimate seller. Some of the PF girls here have purchased from her and were happy, and she has excellent feedback. I think you would be very safe in buying from her.:biggrin:
  9. Chloe has such great customer service! They sent me the nicest email- the style is called margo. now for the bad part- the bag retails for $4200! sigh. why do I always manage to choose the most expensive items...
  10. Margo! Oh god, that is far too pricey for WORDS. It's stunning!!!

    Mercer I did mean Roz the ebay seller. If you check out her Edith Turqoise listing she states that she will be putting up that bag for auction when she receives it and if you'd like to bid for it, drop her an email!
  11. thank you kip- i'll check it out!