Whats the name of this bag?

  1. Hi

    My sister and I have fallen in love with this mono-bag, which was view in the 2007 advertising campaign.. But we cant seem to find it on louisvuitton.com?

    Can anyone help us with name and price?

    Chriz :heart:
    lv bag1.gif
  2. that's the monogram tivoli. comes in two sizes (PM & GM). PM price is $825 and i believe the GM price is $1025. slated for release on nov. 1st.
  3. Thank you:smile:

    Is it the GM on the picture you think?

    Im C.R.A.Z.Y about it:drool:
  4. no problem! :smile: many tpfers think it is the GM in the ad. its hard to tell though.
  5. Yes you are absolutely right - its probably the GM, it seems quite big dosnt it?
  6. Maybe you can tell me the name of this bag too?:smile: