What's the name of this bag (tote)? *pic*

  1. [​IMG]

    I found it on NM catalog & I'm liking it. Anyone knows if they made this bag IRL? if yes, what's the name of it?

    oh.. and the price of this bracelet

  2. looks like the perfect day tote.. right ladies?
  3. I don't know if I'm right, but it looks like it's some version of the Rock line... I say that b/c the photo makes it look vinyl/patent and it has the side quilting. Who knows? I really like the drawing though!
  4. I'm hoping it won't be the rock collection since I'm not liking any of them IRL
  5. i think its a perfect day tote... i am not sure the price. probably around 3k.
  6. Perfect Day. The large one is around $3,000 and the smaller one is around $2,600.
  7. Are there any "real" photos of this? I'd love to see what it looks like, not just the sketch version.
  8. ^Oh yes, I'd love to see real photos it looks gorgeous!
  9. it's possible it's just a rendering, not a true drawing of a real bag.
    It's definitely a rendering of a Perfect Day bag, but I'm not sure it came/comes in patent.
    Do a search in here for "perfect day" you'll find more info:yes:
  10. i love this bag ! Wish it could be in production !!!!!
  11. it might be:shrugs:
  12. The bag doesn't wow me, but I do love the bracelet.:drool:
  13. the bracelet is very pretty!! i wonder if its heavy and chunky feeling tho?
  14. saw this the other day at the boutique and it sure does look like one of the perfect day bags.
  15. Someone here posted a picture of it, can't remember who it was, but I remember her said that her teenage DD called it an old ladies-ish bag..., I saw this bag IRL and it is pretty but I quite did not like the kiss-lock closure, IF it was zipper or even snap closure, I would had brought it, I saw it at Chanel and Bloomies/ SCP.

    Pchans...I'm glad to "see" you again, where have you been lately??