What's the NAME of this bag? Soo pretty!

  1. I think this is one of the limited 2004 or 2005 bags, but can't think of the name and it's really bothering me. Does anyone know? Please help! Thanks~~;)

  2. Irvine :love:
  3. THANK YOU!! you are the best! I can finally go to sleep now. :yahoo:
  4. One to add to your LE Vuitton and Hermes.....

    UR the original 1:wlae:
  5. Whats the size of this bag? Is it like an evening bag?
  6. Looks very small to me, I think it's an evening bag or a small handheld. I tried to find more info on the IRVINE online but couldn't, not even on eBay (not even in their completed listings!). I guess this line isn't very popular?? Looks so cute tho!
  7. The bag is fairly small inside, but so pretty! :love:
  8. It really is gorgeous!
  9. I love that bag, so rare!
  10. wow that bag is stunning, wish i were the owner. what a great bag.
  11. Soo pretty!! But the seller isn't too friendly. Emailed about the style name, year of production and price and he/she gave me one word: SOLD. lol...
  12. Awww .... it so pretty ... too bad its limited :sad:
  13. That is cute.