What's the name of this bag on Kate Bosworth?

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  1. Hi ladies, this bag looks so cute and comfy on Kate Bosworth. Can someone tell me what the name of this bag is and if it's still available? And the price if known? THANKS! :smile:
  2. i think its the pocket in the city
  3. I *think* this bag on her might be an older style. The pocket in the city has 2 separate straps, hers has 2 that become one with the shoulder pad tying them together.
  4. That is not a pocket in the city. It believe it was a seasonal bag, but I don't know the name of it.
  5. Thanks. Anybody else recognize it? I like it and any info would be great!
  6. it reminds me of a style I saw on hilary duff like 2 years ago but hers was purple and had C H A N E L spelled out big on the front.
  7. Yea, I remember which one you're talking about. This bag on Kate looks like it has quilting on the top though. Thanks though! Any more ideas ladies?? I need some leads to get me to this bag! :p