What's the name of this bag and price?

  1. I saw this bag in a display case but didn't get a chance to ask what its name was and the price. It's a leather shoulder or sling bag with a chaine closure. The shape looks a bit like the Evelyn bag. Do any of you Hermes-philes know?
  2. Sounds like the Vespa, comes usually in veau epsom...
    the price is like a evelyne bag : around 1200 €/1300€:flowers:
  3. :yes: I agree with SP that it sounds like a Vespa..does the bag look like the one in the pics? :flowers:
    Vespa red.jpg Vespa BJ.jpg
  4. Yes, that's it. Okay, it's called the Vespa. Thanks, SP and gigi. I wonder if it has any pockets inside.....