What's the name of these bags?

  1. I found these two cute and funky chanel bags today. I know they are from last year, but I don't know the name of the collection, was it a limited collection or just for spring-sumer 06? And were these 2 bags on sale during the end of the season, for how much? Thank you all for your help!!!:yes:
    e618_1.jpg 0769_1.jpg
  2. I think they were the Valentine editions for 06.
  3. Ohhh,that's why there are so many hearts logo on the bag. So Chanel has valentine editions every year right? Thank you chanelbaby!;)
  4. I think they do but they didn't for this year, boo hoo
  5. i think this year they have the red and pink flap with heart chain...
    they are cute though;)
  6. Nope, otherwise I would have brought all the colours, please don't give me a heart attack! hahahaha
  7. Wow they are really cute!
  8. Very cute,right? I love the trendy and funky chanel bags. Do you guys know how much were they? Were they on sale at all just like the baby animals this year?Because now the seller ask for $1300, I'm not sure if it's a good buy for a canvas purse. Thank you guys!:rolleyes: