What's the name of the bag Jessica's got?

  1. [​IMG]
  2. CHANEL, but not sure if it's vintage or new.
  3. oh i love the cute new bob!
  4. definitely chanel!!
    not sure of the exact style though..
  5. i'm almost sure it's a vintge!
    sorry, but no idea of the name!that's really beautiful, jessica's getting a bit more stilish lately!
  6. Y'all kind of feel stupid here, but who is this guy with Jessica in all her pics recently?
  7. Her hairstylist Ken Paves (sp?). I really wish she would stop being attached at the hip to him. Weird!
  8. So, are they dating, or do they just hang out all the time? I knew he looked familiar, I just couldn't remember who he was.
  9. she is adorable. The bag is okay.
  10. i LOVE jessica but i hate her hair in this pic
  11. yikes. she needs to start hanging out with a MAKEUP stylist. love the bag though ;)
  12. BTW, I've never seen pics of Jessica with a Chanel bag before. Have you guys?
  13. He.....er..... swings the other way.;) Sometimes they're also pictured with a darker-haired guy - he's Ken's bf.

  14. right! good eye english girl! ;)
  15. I hate to go against the grain but I think she kinda looks bad in this pic. Her hairstylist needs to quit partying with her and start fixing her hair! A little lipcolor would help too.