whats the name of that?

  1. I surch that "thing" can anybody help me?
    whats the name of that and eventually the price?
  2. it's a luggage tag which comes with some bags and most luggage pieces. You can buy them separately for about 50$... unless you're referring to the hot stamp which is free of charge
  3. Yeah. It's 35 for a small at around 50 for the large!
  4. so if i want that with the heatstamp for my speedy I get it for free?
  5. well... my grammar isn't great... but what is your "it" referring to? if "it" is "that" which I presume you meant to say the luggage tag, then no, it's not free, but if "it" is "heatstamp" then yes it's free. You must buy the tag first before getting the free service.
  6. well .. i dont understand you. in your last post i ve unterstand that when I let make a heatstamp for one of my purse i get the luggage tag for free.

    but now you said i must buy it and only the heatstamp is for free..?

    what do you mean with hot stamp?

    tell me all you know about that ^^please:sweatdrop:
  7. OMG. lol...I don't see where the confusion is? !!!

    HOT STAMP = HEAT STAMP = stamping your initials on the tag.

    the "tag" itself is free on LUGGAGE and SOME bags (the main word being SOME, as NOT all bags will have this tag!!). if your bag/luggage does NOT have this tag, then as as someone above has mentioned, its $35 for the small and $50 for the large tag.

    ONCE you have a TAG, the HEAT STAMPING/HOT STAMPING of your name/initials is FREE.

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong here.
  8. ^ that's right!
  9. okay thank you sooo much:idea::sweatdrop::smile:

    the price of the tags is different in each country or?
  10. I'm pretty sure the price will be different for each country, just like how a speedy will be a different price in Canada compared to Japan, etc.
  11. thanks ;)