What's the name for this Bottega Veneta?

  1. Hi baiyishang!

    I don`t think this model has any particular name of its own. It`s nice though...

    Not all of the BV are made of deerskin though. Most of them are made of lambskin (the ones called Nappa and Nappa Umbria) or calfskin (Catalano calf). The deerskin versions are called Cervo (which is Italian for deer).

    Anyways, I´d rather trust Bluefly regarding the authenticity of the bag than any eBay-seller. But if you choose to go the eBay-way, be sure to post the auctions you`re condering in the Authentication-thread!
  2. I agree with C_24. I rather trust bluefly and you have an option to return it within 90 days if there's any problem. Keep checking out bluefly everyday and you maybe able to find a veneta you want.
  3. c_24, thanks a lot.

    Compare between deerskin and lambskin, what do you all
    perfer? I never own any deerskin leather handbag, I am wondering if it's as soft as the lambskin.
  4. I bought this bag from Bluefly and it is gorgeous. I did take it to the recommended shoe store by NM, Saks,etc and have it sprayed before using it. The deerskin is so soft and squishy-it's beautiful! :rolleyes:
  5. JNH14, now I am so attempted to buy it. Can you carry this bag on your shoulder, or it's more a arm-style bag? I am little worry about the light color.
  6. I have this exact bag and it fits over my shoulder. The deerskin is more durable than the lambskin (nappa), but the lambskin is softer and lighter. The deerskin is nice and squishy, tho. Mine hasn't shown soil, but I carried it every day for a few months and if I look really closely, I can see the piping on the bottom edges showing some wear. It wouldn't be noticeable to anyone else.

    I can't tell if this is Poudre or Magnolia. My bag is Poudre and I love it. I've received many compliments on it.

    If the Veneta is the bag you love and really want to have, wait for it--don't buy this just to buy a BV if you don't totally love it.
  7. Thanks for the information. The more I look at this bag, the more I like it. I don't think this will be my last BV, but I really want to start with this one as my first BV. Now I just need to decide the color. I like this pinkish kind of color, but I am afraid the color is too light (just like white), it will be difficult to maintain if it's going to be used everyday, and this color is more a summer color instead of around the year color.
  8. If you want the veneta, I say get the veneta. I've seen several authentic ones on Ebay in all sizes but make sure you run it by the Authenticate This thread before buying. I would definitely stay clear of low-feedback sellers and if you want to stay on the safe side go with a MyPoupette or other seller that sells mostly pre-owned. It pains me though how the resale value is still pretty low compared to other brands... also check overstock!
  9. I found the same thing that the resale value of BV is kind of low compare to other brand like Balenciaga, etc. That's one of the reason I am not very excited about buying a BV bag at retail price.
  10. Gosh, I have my eyes on this one as well. I almost hit the purchase the other day, but decide to cool myself down for another week before I buy it.