whats the most.....

  1. you have spent on makeup in one store... i went to go buy a simple foundation @ mac but felt i needed a new look since i had the same look since i was 16 lol and it was pretty simple i only went all out when i would go to a party or something the SA was super nice and helped me out to find my colors.. i ended up spending $390 :shame:
  2. I know what you mean. Last Spring went to chanel counter for a makeover and spent about $450.00! Love Chanels stuff though
  3. The most I've spent at Chanel was $400 I think?
  4. I think like $175 at Sephora :shrugs:

    I don't usually shop big though, I shop often...
  5. The most I have ever spend on makeup in 1 place is last week at Armani I spend $280 but well worth it :tup:
  6. About.. 200 dlls worth of makeup and skincare at the Shiseido counter. Maybe 250, come to think of it... lol.
  7. About $200 for Estee Lauder stuff.
  8. The most I've spent is 50.00 at one time...lol....I've never ever spent over 100 dollars over makeup products at one time..plus I don't use alot of makeup anyways.
  9. Something in the $700 - upwards at Sephora. :push: In my defense, I was in dire need of new makeup and there are just so damn many products to choose from!!! Fortunately this includes some bath & nail items, and my fave Tweezerman tweezers :p
  10. WELL the most I have spent at one time is about 250 at Chanel but in a month I have also spent over 700 :sad: But I can't do that anymore...
  11. Wow! No, I couldn't afford that at my age yet :p
    I guess I did spend about €100 in one week once, but that's because I'm a very bad decider... I would see a pile of stuff I liked, and only buy half of it. The days after I would go back to pick something up one at a time, because I had made up my mind :p
  12. Today at the Armani counter... just over $200... definitely worth it! :yes:
  13. $100 at Sephora
  14. ~$85 at Sephora. For two items! :yucky:
  15. Probably close to $500 at a local spa I go to.