Whats the most you've ever spent on SHOES?


What the most you've ever spent on a pair of shoes?

  1. $50-$100

  2. $100-$200

  3. $200-$600

  4. $600+

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  1. So I know you all spend bucket loads of money on bags...

    But how about shoes? I saw a pair of Balenciaga Platform Wedge Ankle Boots going for over US$700 (and the auction aint over yet...)

    So I was wondering, do PF'ers spend as much money on shoes, as they do on bags?

    If so, how much? Whats your most expensive pair?
  2. I think my most expensive shoes are my Chanel boots. Yeah, definitely more than Gucci boots and stuff.

    Def. over $1500. I can't remember the exact price though.
  3. Wowza...

    Thats unbelieveable...

    I find it easy to spend big bucks on bags, but shoes can get ruined so easily!

    I'd be too scared to wear them!
  4. I think the most I've paid on one pair of shoes was $899. Some others were in the $500-700 range.
  5. I paid £475 but that was for 2 pairs of Manolo's from eBay. The 'stolen' silver pair and the 'urban legend' patent black mary janes :heart:
  6. The black Chanel sandal (with jewels) was $995. I also go these Chanel pythons. They were $995 but I got them on sale for $697!

  7. I am so much more of a shoe-aholic than a bag-aholic.....fell in love with my mom's black patent leather stiletto pumps when I was 8 and remember trying to walk around in those in the living room....LOL....started walking in heels (for real) when I was about 11 or 12. I love shoes more than anything else in fashion and they are without a doubt my #1 weakness. Unlike purses, shoes to me aren't an accessory, they are more like a physical extension of my body....if that makes any sense.

    My most expensive pair of shoes to date is probably the Balenciaga knee-high platform wedge boots from this past winter's collection -- the super high ones seen on the runway and worn by Ashley Olsen.....retail + tax came out to over $1,800....I've tried to block out that number from my memory. But I LOVE them and nothing comes close. Other than that it would be my Louboutin boots and python shoes (around $1k, give or take).
  8. usually around $ 400, but I've spent more than 600 also.
  9. £395 ($780ish) for Chloe boots. :biggrin:

    I don't think I've ever paid over £300 for shoes/sandals, though. I like to be comfortable, so I tend not to be too tempted by uncomfortable high heels and as you say, shoes are generally more vulnerable than bags. :yes:

  10. Interesting insight! :biggrin:
  11. $900. Short Manolo boots.
  12. CL's $800
  13. $1,200 for prada boots
  14. Not sure ... probably my python Gucci boots.
  15. $1500 on a pair of MB shoes. I used them for my engagement party.