What's the most you've ever spent on a belt?

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  1. Just curious, as I actually don't have a single belt (!), yet find myself in need of one now.
  2. I got the H belt from Hermes for Christmas. I think it was around $500 but if it's over $250, it's my most expensive! It's reversible, though, so two-for-one!
  3. My Fendi B. Belt. I love it so much.
  4. I try to keep it at $50 max. I scored two really nice belts at the Banana Republic sale last month. Both were originally around $50. I got one for $29 and one for $14!!!!!

    That's why it gripes me to pay full price. You see these huge markdowns at sales times and KNOW they are still making a profit.

    Great belts, though.
  5. do not know but i guess it is my kieselstein-cord belts (have the snake and the large gator) but they have been presents
  6. I have a huge Yves Saint Lauren belt with pockets, from Tom Ford's debut collection for YSL. I also have two Bottega Veneta crocodile belts and two python belts. Those would be the most expensive. I like big corset belts and highly embellished belts.
  7. The large sterling silver ones? I love that snake belt. Roberto Cavalli makes gorgeous snake belts too.
  8. I too have recently purchased the Fendi B belt. I have the patent black one. I think it was 230 great british pounds, so about 400 ish dollars. Its lovely though, and a complete outfit maker
  9. OOOOhhh! I really wanted a Fendi B belt- they're fab!
    My most expensive belt is a Miu Miu one, bought it last week - it's a thin dark brown leather belt with a leather butterfly and a small turquoise stone on it! I paid £90 for it in the sales. I was quite pleased as it was originally £190. All my other belts are from Accessorise. I don't tend to buy expensive belts as I get bored with them very quickly.
  10. I think $150.00 Canadian or something like that.
  11. I am in awe of the beautiful belts mentioned above! Thank you so much for sharing your belt experiences.

    Does anybody have trouble finding a belt that is small enough (I mean that doesn't need to have extra holes added?).
  12. I have this problem, too... maybe with higher end belts, this wouldn't be an issue? I wouldn't know because the most I've spent on a belt is $20! I never wear belts.
  13. yes i just love them. ah but i will never ever buy cavalli but thanks fort the suggstion :flowers:
  14. Mine would be my Hermès fuchsia porosus crocodile belt :love:

    I just can't wear it in the rain :sad:

  15. Hi Melisande,
    To solve the problem buy a Fendi B Belt ;) . They are by far the smallest belts I have EVER come across.
    No way would you need to put extra holes in these, they are laughably small :wtf: . Could never wear them as a hipster belt, definitely waist cinch only :biggrin:. Maybe I shall only wear mine on days when eating is not required :graucho:
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