Whats the most $ you've ever spent on a bag

  1. I am a LV lover, however, Hermes has been calling for my attention for a few months....

    I'm wondering...what is the most amount of money you've every spent on a Hermes bag?

    And..what is the safest way to purchase on the secondary market. I'm worried if I buy pre-owned, I may not be getting authentic?
  2. ebay^ theres alot of very good recommended sellers, but they will either sell it at retail price or marked up especially if the color is hard to find, i saw a bleu jean togo 30cm go up to 14k
  3. At the moment, the most I have ever spent on a Hermes bag is the fuchsia ostrich retourne Kelly 32cm with palladium hardware. It was $12700 + tax.
  4. <<$1675 plus tax for my Evelyne PM.
  5. $7300 - ouch! It hurts just to type the numbers out.
  6. 7000
  7. $7400 for my blue jean Birkin...but worth every penny.

    And I'll do it again when my vert olive one comes in (actually, by that time, it'll be more--yikes!).
  8. I take the 5th on the price,:P but for safety... you can get good advice from the ladies here, or spend some time "studying" the bag quality you can find in your local hermes boutique. I think once you recognize hand made quality, you will see the difference between real and fake.:yes: good luck, I hope you find the bag of your dreams.!:flowers:
  9. I'll say $7500+ which seems crazy to most, but once you see and feel the craftsmanship for yourself, you'll realize it was worth it.
  10. $10,000 and not even for an exotic. if i ever buy at that price again in the near future, it will be only for another Hermes bag or for a crocodile Prada bag.
  11. 22000+tax for my croc birkin:sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:
  12. around 4 grand for a Yeoh bag but it is two purses/one day, one evening in one - a bargain!
  13. I spent $8000+ for my JPG Birkin and $6000+ for my 40cm tri color Kelly....sheesh! If I add the $ for all of my purchases...well....let's just say that I really, Really, REALLY love my H bags :yes:


  14. Ooooh! Was it a porosus croc? When did you get it? What size?:nuts:
  15. because all the H bags that I have so far have been pre-loved, the most I have paid for so far would be for my 32 cm kelly and that was around 4k (got it from ebay).. and I love that bag (although it hasn't seen the day of light, it is just sitting on my closet, how sad, well all my H bags are just in the closet)... next time I buy an H bag, it would be a birkin (35 cm BJ togo or some other almost scratch resistant leather that will be okay with water.... live in WA so rain is a part of life, lol) so that's a few more yrs for me....unless I win the lottery.. lol....