What's the most you're willing to pay for shoes?

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  1. We shell out for beautiful handbags - and we pay a wide range for them...

    But how much are you willing to spend on shoes? $735 for a pair of 'casual' Chloe wedges? $500 for a pair of evening-only Manolos? $80 Steve Maddens... all 100 pairs of them?
  2. i'm so cheap when it comes to shoes it's kinda ridiculous :Push:.......i've been dying for the louboutin cork platform heels but i could never spend more than $200 on shoes.....i tend to drag my feet and they're ruined after 1-2 days.....maybe one of these days i'll learn to walk properly :lol:
  3. I have a weakness for Giuseppe Zanotti's outrageous sandals- so when I graduate college I'll be happy to plunk down $500-$700 for his designs.

    Right now I pay about $100 or less for my footwear.
  4. I once paid 2k for a pair of Manolo Blahnik boots.
    Most of my shoes go from 300-1500. I am not affraid to splurge on my feet as long as everything else financially is ok in my home and I have money in the bank I will buy myself what ever I want. It's better than therapy. And it takes my mind away from work when I'm not in the office!
    Also it makes me work faster at work because if I really want to make a certain amount of money that month I push myself to get the job done!
  5. I'll spend several hundred on shoes but I won't buy more than I absolutely need. I'm not really a shoe person.
  6. 750 tops (and that is pushing it.... I would have to 'love' them)..... and 'only' if it is not a trendy shoe. Boots I will spend more than that for but again only if it is something that isn't too trendy. I love Christian Louboutin so those are probably my priciest shoes
  7. $600 top. so if the LV sk8 sneakers go past the $600 mark, i'm buying prada.
  8. Most of my shoes aren't that expensive. But if I find a pair that I really like and my budget isn't limited, I would pay around $500.
  9. If it's something I really want and I can afford it, I get it. For me, shoes are no different than bags. I can easily spend just as much if the opportunity arrises.
  10. Also, many times the 'designer' shoe will last longer than it's Aldo, etc. counterpart - but I personally would rather spend money on bags.
  11. I'm not willing to pay more than $200 for shoes. I always find my designer shoes on sale. I also am not willing to pay $50 for cheap shoes that I know will be uncomfortable and will fall apart after a few wears.
  12. i don't think i've paid more than $200 for a pair.
  13. The most is 1500 for a pair of Jimmy Choo boots.
  14. I'm just not so into shoes, no more than $150 and that would be rare!
  15. i dunno, i havent seen any high end shoes that i like.... yet! :smile:
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