What's the most you'll pay for a...

  1. handbag made mostly of straw?

    This is beautiful, but do you think it's worth $1200.00?










  2. Quite a dilemma, isn't it? I don't think I'd pay more than $50 for a bag made mostly of straw (or similar material). It's a shame, since I like that Celine you posted (first pic), and there's also a raffia Boogie bag at Neiman's that I like. I tend to feel similarly towards fabric bags (which rules out the linen Boogie also currently at Neiman's :sad:), though my $$$ threshold would be higher for fabric vs. straw.
  3. The $225 is nice and the $28 dollars one is nicer than all of them I think.
  4. I've had some interesting experiences with straw bags. I paid almost $100.00 for a bag that fell apart and $30.00 for a bag that seems as if it wants to last forever. But then, I paid $15.00 for a straw bag that fell apart after two weeks. I feel most comfortable paying at least $30.00, but nothing over $150.00. That's a pretty good range.:lol:
  5. Im afraid, I wouldnt pay for any of the above. Im just not into straw. Sorry straw lovers.
  6. Me neither....not a big fan of straw although the $325.00 has a chic look to it....
  7. Never that much. I have a Coach boxy straw tote from last year.. I paid 80$ for it, and I think that would be my limit !
  8. Coach straw bags are cute.
  9. I spent over 1000.00 on a straw Prada bag...love it!
  10. I know that bag, Jill. I think it's worth it!
  11. I wouldn't buy it.... I just dont like them :smile:
  12. :nuts: Post a picture!!! I wanna seeeeee!!!
  13. I think its in my bag showcase...!!
  14. I would love to see it too. Where is your bag showcase?
  15. I would love to get my hands on the Michael Kors one ($595)! I usually would not want to pay too much for straw bags, but MK's is just beautiful! :love:
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