What's the most you'd pay for shoes?

  1. Many of us go spring-break wild with our purse purchases, our limits adjusting according to our latest obsessions. So I wanted to ask: what's your price limit with shoes?

    How many of you fashionistas are just as obsessed with shoes as with purses? And how many of you think it's silly to pay too much because really, they just go on your feet?

    Just curious!!!

    For me: I'd like to say that I'm practical - but let's face it - I just bought a pair of silver Choo sandals with mirror discs on them. My feet don't NEED their own mirrors. :P And they were around $400.
  2. My limit is ~$500. I don't buy dress shoes, only loafers and sneaker types. I only buy LV shoes, as far as brands go. I do buy cheap, no name, everyday shoes also.
  3. So far the most I've spent was $800. I can't imagine spending any more BUT I never thought I'd spend that amount so who knows...
  4. I have paid 700 pounds for boots, I think that is reasonable if like me you wear them every day all winter long.

    My d'orsay Manolos were nearly 400 pounds, and louboutins are always around 400 so I guess my limit for shoes would be 500 pounds. :smile:
  5. I know this is tPF, but I have a bigger soft spot for shoes than handbags.

    I am eyeing a pair of Blahnik lizard pumps right now that are selling for $900.
  6. Hermes riding boots, special ordered when I was still into Hermes yonks ago. Can't remember but £1000 and a bit (£11-1200) which is around $2000. Don't wear it anymore because hunting is now illegal (last time I rode a horse was a year ago and it wasn't my horse anyway).
  7. Boots for 500 euros- but so in love with them!
  8. I love evening shoes, especially Swarovski studded ones. I also love exotic skins -- pythin, croc -- so it gets very pricey!
  9. bee bee, out of topic, why you said you so faking hate hermes? Mind to share with us?
  10. 500-600
  11. $1200
  12. I bought 2 of my expensive shoes ever, this month, a Via Spiga leopard print boots $400 and a leopard print Stuart Weitzman 4" heels $340:love: I think I got the leopard bug, lol:lol: .
  13. I paid 750 for a pair of Manolos once. worst decision ever.
  14. My Chloe boots were £400 (about $690), but that's a rare occurrence.

    Normally, I'll pay up to about £300 (about $520).
  15. The largest amount I've paid is 700 euros for a pair of python boots last year but i wore them almost everyday(love them). other than that around 500 euros for Louboutins.